Be Careful What You Pray For


Preparing to go on air for my first time!!! Who would have ever thought that I would end up here?  That just goes to show that the old saying be careful what you pray for is not an old wise tale.  November 2008 after studying the book of  Revaltion at church, I prayed that if God needed me in the end times that I would do whatever he needed me to.  Soon after that series of prayers I felt led to quit the job I was working to do something that God had waiting for me.  The catch to that was he wouldn’t tell me what.  After asking Lord but where will I go, where will I work, what about money and bills?….. He would just say I wont tell you until you quit your job.  HMMMMM.  Can you imagine my husbands reaction? Honey I am going to quit my job and I don’t know what or where I am going……. The last day at my job I received a call from a friend at church who has a christian living facility for assisting participants in a living free lifestyle from drug and alcohol addictions.  I volunteered there for 3 months.  God provided everything my family neede and more during that 3 months.  I am now working partime at the KSWP/KAVX radio station and the FROG (pre K and 1st grade) childrens church pastor at Clawson Assembly of God.  So be careful what you pray for.  Praise God.


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  1. This is so true! This took an abundance of courage and faith to do! I am so proud you were steadfast or else we would not have such an inspiration in front of us!! Thank you!

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