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Hey! I wanted to know what some of the songs on KSWP/KAVX were the favorites of our listeners and why… My favorites are Christy Nockels, No Not One because she sings that with his life he has forgiven us.  The sidewalk Prophets song The Words I Would Say, I have a daughter graduating in May and that song  makes me think of the words I will say to her as she moves on in her own life making her own decisions.  Phil Stacey’s song You’re Not Shaken is a good one with powerful words too.  And then the song The Warrior is a child by Twila Paris is one that reminds me that when we get down and our strength and faith is tested that we can run home to him and he will hold us.

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  1. I really like the Sidewalk Prophets The words I would say alos. I have a friend that has been going through a really rough time lately and I think of her everytime I hear that song. But my all time favorite right now is Born Again by Mac Powell and Lacey Mosley. The person I am now is no tthe person I used to be. When I truely gave my whole heart to teh Lord that is when my life began. I’m still a child, but I’m growing everyday!! I feel like now I’m finally living and breathing. So Thanks KSWP for offering music that brings such peace and joy to every listener!

  2. I think that my favorite sone is the Casting Crowns song “East to West”. There are a lot of days when I just don’t feel saved. But, as the song says, it is not about feeling. We are saved whether we feel like it or not and we can rest in that knowledge. I had one of those days yesterday when my husband and I had a major “disagreement” over something that was, in my opinion, very petty. Right now Idon’t feel saved, but I know that I am.

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