just do it


when life throws us those curves that we think we will hit the tree in the way it is not easy to keep up… sometimes we have to keep going even when we don’t feel like it. Treat people nicely that are not treating us like they would want to be treated. We have to remember that we do those things for God and not that person that is not being “nice”. And God will always see the things we do and will reward us for them in his time. Getting there is the hard part. and then each time you have to keep going when you don’t feel like it the right thing to do is to just do it! like the casting crowns song I Will Praise You In This Storm…..


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  1. How true your words are! You hit the target again! I was just reading this week in the book of Matthew and Luke and God tells us basically to keep on keepin on even in the darkest times! He also says to go and pray and do these things without a huge display saying look at me because he sees us and knows what is in our hearts! The rewards are great just like u say when we push on in spite of all the hardships and people around us! Once again you are letting God speak through you! Thanks for being here for us!

  2. Ok, I know I already left one comment. However, I did not realize your post was a prophecy of things to come. I was faced with a few trials over the weekend. It is a good thing for others that we as believers take the Lord seriously or they would be in trouble. To be kind and understanding with those that hurt us is very difficult and can leave you feeling beaten and defeated. Please keep encouraging others to keep on keeping on! You are doing great job!

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