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The most mispelled word in the english vocabulary is………. definitely




Sometimes life throws curve balls that we don’t know how to catch!  Some of them we have caught before and learned alot on the process of the healing, coping and stress.  But when that same ball comes back and back again, it seems to become more difficult.  I know God can heal marriages, pain, deciet and anything else.. But when someone or something keeps hurting you in the same way and God has gotten you through one mess after another and you know he can do it again…. but the other person might not be getting the hint of the healing power and grace…We might ask why or how??  I think it hurts worse when you have given in and forgiven to have to forgive again.. I always hear God’s voice say “What if I would have given up on you before you were where you are now?”  Those words ring in my head but sometimes my heart says different or reality and feelings speak louder… WHY do people sometimes not see our actions and hear ourselves speak.  Why is reality so hard for some people?  If you have suggestions please comment on anything.  Sometimes we get to points in our life that we have to make decisions and need prayer and advice to make the right choice… thanks for listening.. God Bless