I am thankful for Gods grace and mercy with out that where would we be?? where would you be? With out Gods grace and mercy the other stuff is nothing. We love our families, friends, horses, dogs, cats..etc but without gods grace and mercy life is pointless. We wonder around for years doing what we think we should and do things we know we shouldnt! Then one day we ask God why am i still not happy totally on the inside.??? it is when we finally hear him say I am here for you and I will fill that empty space in your heart and soul. And when we allow him to come in and change us and take us through the changes that he so desires us to go through to heal our inner hurts is when his grace and mercy take over and our lives are changed forever. We will still go through hard times and sad times but it wont be as hard and sad. Thank You God For your mercy and grace…..

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