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13 signposts to mark your progress in spiritual growth


1. A hunger to know God more.
2. A desire to know the truth of the Word
3. An increasing awareness of our sinfulness
4. A quick responce to sin, involving genuine repentance.
5. Joy in the midst of intense spiritual battles
6. Understanding trials and temptations as opportunities for growth.
7. Viewing servcice to God as an honor, not burden
8. Viewing everything-both good and bad-as coming from the Lord.
9. Faith to ask God for bigger things.
10.Eagerness to share christ with others.
11. Earnest desire to give to the Lords work.
12. An increasing awareness of God in every area of life.
13. The priority of a personal devotional life.


Spiritual Warfare


Here lately life has gotten crazy almost weird if I may.. I have been asking God what is going on… have i done something to deserve all this pain and confusion… Then came the phone call last saturday. She reminded me that I was scheduled to work the next Womens Emmaus Walk. For those of you who do not know what that is, it is a 3 day “retreat” that you spend with God. (You can research it at east texas emmaus community on the net) At that moment the lightbulb clicked on in my head in all the empty space…lol. The devil had remembered that i am scheduled to work the walk. It is a life changing spiritual experience that changes lives. He had already started working on making my life miserable, changing circumstances so that i would feel defeated and change my mind about working it! WRONG! If it is Gods will I will go. The walk it the last weekend of Feb. I also am scheduled to attend a pastors school in phonex the first week of feb… i hear that it is going to be an awsome experience for me too. The devil had remembered this and his work began. I usually catch these things but have gotten busy and didn’t realize… So please lift the whole spiritual warfafe up in prayer. Lets bind it and cover our brothers and sisters in the blood and put a hedge of protection over all and anyone that might be having this problem. I especially would appreciate your prayers. I also feel that the devil can see the road that God has prepared for us and he tries to prevent us from seeing the road. That means we have to be prepared!!! Thanks and I pray blessings over you and your situations…