Trip to Phoenix…


I can hardly begin to explain the experience… the mountain climb had such and impact on me… here is what i wrote as i went up and came down the first climb during the day…

I am at the base of the mountain.. a gentleman yells up to others coming down. “What is the quickest and easiest way up..??? some like to take the quick lazy way out…

As i look up the mountain and see exacly how high and steep it is …. God said don’t look up.. look at what is right ahead of you! Don’t look at the problem.

You might stumble, trip and or fall… keep going

it might get tough but keep going.

Sometimes you have to stop and  rest.

Sometimes you have to listen to others.

Sometimes you might have to follow others

Stop and rest… Keep going

Things might fall out from under you.

You might have to stop and take another direction.

Stop and take a breath, look around you.

things arent always as they seem.

he might ask you to go in a path that you are no sure about.. trust him.

Don’t grab onto dead things… (as i was slipping down… i grabbed a dead catch myself… it pulled out of the ground…I kept slipping!!!)

Don’t stop!

someone i passed as i was going up they were going down… said you have to watch your every step!!!

You will come across others that will get in the way and some that will help.

How Great is our God was being sung from the top as i was half way up.


The path is already paved  for you.. it is up to us to take the right path..

Stay focused.

Remember it’s dead! Don’t touch it!!!! ( on the way down.. i slipped and grabbed on another dead bush… i kept slipping!!!)

even once you reach your goal you might slip and stumble..

you will always run into people..

others might have to take longer.. they might have to take time and look and think on their way up..

Don’t believe everything you hear…

This is how a mountain climb can represent and be like our spiritual walk with God…AWSOME EXPERIENCE!!! pictures on facebook

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