To start the summer off my daughter is graduating May 29th from Hudson High Scool… We have already had a FROG family picnic for my childerns curch kids… water slide castle jumper and lots of food..We are planning a weekend away at the lake for our anniversary.. loading the tent and some lunchables and the boat… can’t wait… then lots of family time at the lake like when i was a kid. I remember spending weeks at a time at the lake and crying when we left cause i had met friends and knew i might not see them again.. Alot of memories growing up at the lake.. fishing with dad and swimming ALL day.. mom doing all the work loading and unloading, cooking, cleaning, while we were swimming or chasing the cute boys.. and still swimming…cleaning and frying fish as soon as they were caught.. One time i remember my dad chasing a turtle around the cleaning hut trying to clean a turtle he caught on a trotline and not sure if he caught him.. And the sunburn..OUCH!So this summer take time to make memories with your loved ones… doing whatever it is you like to do. or perhaps what they like to do.. And remember to take God with you!! Here are some summer fun camping links to check out.

And if you are looking for the blow up slides, water slides, castle jumpers etc.. the print shack has an awsome selection.. the tidal wave water slide is AWSOME! the adults had more fun than the kids on it.. do not wear slick shorts…. lol

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