Graduation restrictions


Can you believe that I have to sign a paper that i will not bring any noise makers or silly string to my daughters high school graduation… ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? We just put up with your rules and regulations for 13 yrs… and now the one night they should throw caution to the wind and allow these kids.. and the parents to let loose and celebrate they ruin that too… If i knew that they wouldnt hold her diploma i would do it anyway… that is the craziest thing that i have heard… I bought her a sticker to put on her hat that simply states I’m outta here… she wont get to walk the stage if she gets caught with it on her hat… why not let them decorate them then approve them before they walk the stage…. come on … seriously.. i have to give Hudson ISD credit for the senior night they had for them… they had fun and she won 50 bucks… but graduation ceremony no decorating hats and air horns….

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  1. I know what you mean. I had to sign that paper when Sunny graduated too. I think it’s the stupidist thing I ever heard of. They are graduating seniors, that makes them (legally) adults, so treat them like that, let them decorate their caps like they’re allowed to do when graduating college.
    (I can’t believe Jenna’s that old)

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