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Fight Another Day Lyrics from Addison Road….


If you are going through tough times and need a pick me up song .. HERE IT IS!!! be listening to 90.9 KSWP monday for it…

Your broken dreams, your crazy schemes
They always let you down
The things we chase, a hopeless race
You’re breathless on the ground
From soaring heights to crashing dives
A peace yet to be found
But you could spend a lifetime running
You could spend a lifetime running

Do you feel the fire when the flame gets hot
Are you living every day like it’s the last you’ve got
Will you step aside when it all falls down and watch it burn away
Have a little faith when the walls cave in
Pray for strength to fly against the wind
Will you walk away when the fire gets hot
Or fight another
Another day

Your fractured heart, your disregard
It leaves you frozen still
A slow withdrawal from it all
That keeps you unfulfilled
Will you spend a lifetime running
‘Cause you could spend a lifetime running

Even when your heart’s been broken
He’ll be there with arms wide open
Be strong and His love will lead you
To fight another day

Keep your head to the sun ‘cause it’s shining on you


Touchdown Jesus Statue


This statue was huge and recenlty hit by lightning… i thought about it and as i watched it burn wondered if it was a rare thing or if God was offended by it some how… with all that is going on in the world he is destroying things that do not please him… In a  kinda sorta way…. look at lot… anyway neat story to make you go hmmmmmm…….

summer trip


our camping trip was a blast… HOT but fun… we swam alot.. keeping kewl…. but i got to fish with my dad like I did when i was a kid… we actually caught fish…. and i remembered sunblock…so no actual sun burn pain… some friends from church and their kids came down there.. they were alot of fun to hang out with…so if you need a break and get away from LIFE>>> load up some hot dogs hamburgers and go camping with family and good friends… leave your cell phone in the cabin or tent and enjoy the outdoors and fresh air… trust me it was sooo nice to get away… hanks creek is really a nice place to go these days..