Biggest Loser


We just spent 3 weeks working out eating right for a competition at our church…Pastor used the weight loss methods and results to show how we allow things in our lives to come between us and God.. And how we can loose and gain those things.. The church congregation has been adding their weight loss inspired by the illustrated serman and we hope to reach 1000 pounds lost asap…  It was an amazing experience.. I lost 12.4 lbs and 10lbs was body fat!!! i have lost major inches in arms, legs waist and other areas.. I went from wearing 16/18 ‘s to 12’s!!! But .. IT WAS HARD!! Losing that much weight in that short of time is not a healthy choice.. unless you stay with that type of weightloss method.. now that it is over i find myself without the will power i had during the competiotion. we weighed in on friday mornings infront of our competitors.. which gave alot of incentive… and you had a partner you had to explain why you only lost .4 pounds.. we did have good weeks where we all lost 3 and 4 lbs.. the men were loosing 9 and 11 lbs in one week.. NOT FAIR… i am glad i did it.. and want to keep it going but it is hard. we put everything to the side and focused on eating right or not eating.. working out 2 and 3 times a day.. needless to say our clothes were piled up clean and dirty.. the dishes were piling up and the house just wasnt in it;s normal order… I am trying to come up with a plan to keep loosing weight and balancing the other life musts in there.. although it would be nice to just work out all the time and not worry about the clothes and dishes and animals getting fed daily… I am going to try and start a group where we meet and weigh in together and hold each other accountable.. i need that to keep me from eating soooo much.. if you are interested leave me a comment and we can get started…. 🙂


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