ways to save gas


Gas Price Alerts to help consumers save at the pump

By Carol Wersich


EVANSVILLE — Gasoline prices have risen 13.4 percent in the past 12 months, according to the latest U.S. Consumer Price Index Summary, and they show no signs of slowing down.



• Reduce your gasoline consumption by chaining trips together. For example, while you’re out to the drugstore also pick up your dry-cleaning and groceries before returning home, rather than make separate trips.

“Once a vehicle is warmed up, it gets much better fuel economy compared to slow starts.”

• Utilize the family’s most fuel-efficient car as often as possible.

• Make sure your vehicle’s tires have appropriate air pressure.

“Underinflated tires will rob you of fuel economy, plus make the tires much more vulnerable to damage, including blow-outs.

“Tire air pressure fluctuates as temperatures fluxuate. So, have the air pressure checked in changing temperatures.”

• Eliminate carrying around unncecssary weight, such as a heavy sand bag.

“The more you carry around, the more it impacts fuel economy.”

• Reduce your speed.

Once you drive above 55 miles per hour, every additional mile robs you of about one percent of fuel economy.

“If you’re used to driving 70 miles per hour, drop it to 65 miles per house and improve your fuel economy by five percent.”

• Look at all alternative transportation modes, including walking.

“If your grocery store or convenient store is only two blocks away, walk there for your milk and leave your car at home.

You can enjoy talking with neighbors along the way.”

• Anticipate traffic light changes ahead by coasting to the lights.


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