What are you showing others?


Yesterday marks a milestone in my walk with Christ.  Sometimes even the best of us take a path that is not where we are suppose to be.  I knew something didn’t feel the same i just thought that it was all the changes going on around me.  But at some point in all the changes i had picked up the battles i was facing and started fighting them on my own.  Thanks to a Friend who spoke words into my soul i am now headed back down the right path..  Instead of letting God fight them battles for me i had started fighting them with my mind, heart and soul.  I am very thankful for that friend that stood up for me when no one else would.  He said words that i know came from God.  They were the very things i needed to hear at the moment i needed to hear them.  If he wouldn’t have been obedient to the holy spirit and spoke them i wouldn’t be being obedient in following his advice for my life and my ministries.  By his showering God’s grace on me and reminding me of God’s Love and plan for me , literally “lifted the world off of my shoulders!”  My prayer is that i am able to repay the favor by showing someone else the same love and helping them.. I also encourage you to do the same!

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  1. u are called by God and he will come and direct ur path trust I. Who He is in ur life ,u will do great things for Him only if u die to self and allow God to have ur life .

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