Scenes from ’80s malls

By Mike Krumboltz mike Krumboltz Mon Apr 18, 3:31 pm ET

The ’80s were a wild decade. Sure, a lot of people made a lot of money, but the fashion still leaves scars.

So fasten your leg warmers, kids, because here comes “Scenes from an ’80s Mall.” The collection of images is exactly what it sounds like: a bunch of random photos taken in different shopping malls during the First Decade of Madonna.

Some photos (OK, a lot of photos) focus on young women with big hair. But there are also some awesome shots of old men sitting on benches looking grumpy, and “Valley Girl”-era guys in day-glo muscle shirts, mullets, mustaches, and perms as far as the eye can see.

Slideshow: More scenes from ’80s malls

Michael Galinsky/Rumur

All the photos were taken by photographer Michael Galinsky on a road trip in 1989, with what seems to be a low-tech camera. If you ask us, that adds to the charm. After all, when you’re looking at ill-advised outfits, the last thing you want is high-res.  There are plans to turn the collection into a book. You can check ’em all out at

Of course, ’80s nostalgia is nothing new. The recent TV Land Awards featured a slew of stars from the infamous decade, including several cast members of “Family Ties,” veterans of “The Cosby Show,” and some all-grown-up stars of “The Facts of Life.”  The stars elected to dress in the style of today. Wise move, folks. Acid-washed jeans and red carpet do not mix.


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