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Check Your Price Tag


If your’e not being treated with love & respect, check your “price tag”.  Perhaps you have marked yourself down.  It’s you who tells people what you’re worth by what you accept.  Get off of the “clearance rack” & get behind the glass where they keep all the “valuables”…. bottom line is… “value” yourself more, and get off the “clearance rack”.


Get out of the Nest!


God gives every bird it’s food but doesn’t throw it into it’s nest.

I have had alot to think about lately.. and when i read this i thought.. hmmmmm.  Looking back over my life i see that so clearly now.  Esp in my spiritual life.  I thought I was done with tests of faith and was set in life.. then BAM… her comes another test after another test after another with this problem and that problem… Life  (‘the enemy”) comes at us at every angle it can.  Just when we think that we are good here comes something else.  That is where good strong christian people around you comes in very helpful.  They are there to help you up and out of the pits we put ourselves in or that other people put us in.  Are you like the little birds in the nest with your mouth wide open making lots of noise waiting for your blessings to drop right in your lap.   Or are you a bird that is willing to get out of the nest and grab the blessing from God like his word tells us to??

What kind of bird are you?

A. people who stay in the nest and never venture out wanting everything from God handed to them.

B. Never goes back in the nest.. full of  faith. so busy doing God’s work that the nest never comes to mind.

C. Only goes out of the nest when they have to to make someone else happy or fullfill an obligation.  then when it is finished back in the nest you go.

i feel that sometimes i am all of the above.  i jump out of the nest flying around like a crazy bird.. so busy.. then something comes against me and i jump  back in the nest to rest and reload myself. and then i also see myself  just doing things to make someone happy or fulfill a agreement between me and someone else..

I guess the moral of the blog today.. Is BE WILLING TO GET OUT OF THE NEST and do the things God has asked you to do and use the tools he is giving you to do it with!

“Being Chill”


The title of my blog today is a daily motto that i am having to go by each and everyday of my life.. If you are wondering what it means it is my term for being still and letting God take care of EVERYTHING!  My flesh in the past has tended to come out and make a mess of things when i should let God take care of the mess.  When things around us are going crazy… when the waves are pulling you under .. and your in over your head.. “Be Chill” and let God do his work..

He is much better at “HIS” work than we are.. His timing is his timing and we have to learn that and learn the lessons he puts out there for us in his time frames… Pass the tests set before us…

So today join me in “Being Chill”.  Ipray that you are able to do just that and pass the tests set before you and to learn to accept his timing and his lessons.. I ask that you do the same for me.. Jenn

Watch Out For The Paint


As i was telling my preschool children’s church a story about a canary named candy, I learned a valuable lesson.  Candy was a yellow canary who wanted to be someone else, and thought she was no good for anything.  All the other parakeets were so bright with all their different beautiful colors and could make beautiful music.  Candy wished to be beautiful and to make music.  So the store owner had been doing some remodeling at the store and had left some paint out, Candy decided to jump into her favorite colors to make herself beautiful like the other birds..   As she finished painting herself she fell into the fish tank!!  We all know what happens when we mix too many colors of paint, add water and you have a big not so pretty mess.  The store owner cleaned her off and said “Candy let me show you something, I had hoped you would learn this on your own.”  He pulled out a flute from a drawer and then began to play it making beautiful music.  Candy closed her eyes listening to the beautiful music and before she knew it she was making beautiful music of her own.  The parakeets got quiet and Candy heard one of them say i wish i could make music like that.. Candy didn’t realize it but God had made her special and beautiful to begin with.

So when you feel like you don’t belong or you are not good enough just remember God made us all beautiful and special .. He has plans for all of us.  Think of God as the store owner.. always there and teaching us when we need it most.  Also think of the paint as things in the world that tend to pull us in a direction that we shouldn’t go.. or as the temptations that the enemy sets in our path..or as the things we use to fill the holes of  depression, sadness, loneliness, confusion etc.  in our lives.  They usually end up making a big mess of things and then God comes in saying ” Let me show you.. I hoped you would learn this on your own but let me show you.”  God doesn’t have to come in and help he chooses to.  Today i am asking to to Watch out for the paint..

for those of you who are wondering:…… the lesson i learned was that some things in life we try to use to fill voids in our lives will only make a mess of things.. 😉

doing the right thing…


here lately in life i have been wondering why it is so hard for people to do the right thing.   Even in my own life.  A battle with my flesh is the conclusion i have come to.  So many times in life we know the right thing to do but we do just the opposite.. Then we will wonder why life is so crazy.  There are situations beyond our control when others around us put us in a position having to wait on them to do what is right.  Take it from me .. IT IS NO FUN!!  Accepting the consequences for your actions is a good start to doing the right thing.  Once we accept the fact that we messed up we can start dealing with the road ahead.  The road ahead is unknown but just remember that we are not alone EVER.  No matter how alone the enemy tells us and makes us feel that we are.  Look around at all the wonderful friends and family that you have.  Look around and look back at all the blessings in your life.  When we focus on the mountain it seems unmovable.  When we focus on God its all possible.  So many times we tend to let our old habits and emotions run away with us and we forget to listen to the Holy Spirit guiding us in his way.  His way is not always our way but it will always be the right way in the end.  And his timing is not always what we would like.