“Being Chill”


The title of my blog today is a daily motto that i am having to go by each and everyday of my life.. If you are wondering what it means it is my term for being still and letting God take care of EVERYTHING!  My flesh in the past has tended to come out and make a mess of things when i should let God take care of the mess.  When things around us are going crazy… when the waves are pulling you under .. and your in over your head.. “Be Chill” and let God do his work..

He is much better at “HIS” work than we are.. His timing is his timing and we have to learn that and learn the lessons he puts out there for us in his time frames… Pass the tests set before us…

So today join me in “Being Chill”.  Ipray that you are able to do just that and pass the tests set before you and to learn to accept his timing and his lessons.. I ask that you do the same for me.. Jenn

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