Get out of the Nest!


God gives every bird it’s food but doesn’t throw it into it’s nest.

I have had alot to think about lately.. and when i read this i thought.. hmmmmm.  Looking back over my life i see that so clearly now.  Esp in my spiritual life.  I thought I was done with tests of faith and was set in life.. then BAM… her comes another test after another test after another with this problem and that problem… Life  (‘the enemy”) comes at us at every angle it can.  Just when we think that we are good here comes something else.  That is where good strong christian people around you comes in very helpful.  They are there to help you up and out of the pits we put ourselves in or that other people put us in.  Are you like the little birds in the nest with your mouth wide open making lots of noise waiting for your blessings to drop right in your lap.   Or are you a bird that is willing to get out of the nest and grab the blessing from God like his word tells us to??

What kind of bird are you?

A. people who stay in the nest and never venture out wanting everything from God handed to them.

B. Never goes back in the nest.. full of  faith. so busy doing God’s work that the nest never comes to mind.

C. Only goes out of the nest when they have to to make someone else happy or fullfill an obligation.  then when it is finished back in the nest you go.

i feel that sometimes i am all of the above.  i jump out of the nest flying around like a crazy bird.. so busy.. then something comes against me and i jump  back in the nest to rest and reload myself. and then i also see myself  just doing things to make someone happy or fulfill a agreement between me and someone else..

I guess the moral of the blog today.. Is BE WILLING TO GET OUT OF THE NEST and do the things God has asked you to do and use the tools he is giving you to do it with!

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