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Our God Reigns


I am over taken this week with the word Reign.  I have heard it, sung it and read it for ALOT of years  but now I GET IT!!! I REALLY GET IT!!

It wasnt until I totally chose God in all that I am and all that I do.  I know I say it alot but I have been through so much in my life but i have perservered and chosen God to be number one in my life.  I was driving down the road about 3 weeks ago and was thinking about all the choices had I had to choose from on a certain subject…. And right then and there i said out loud.. well i hollered it.. I CHOOSE YOU!!! threw some things out my truck window to show God that I was serious about what i had just spoke..  i also love the movie Ever After and in it the prince at one point hollers I WILL NOT YIELD.. so I then go into telling satan I WILL NOT YIELD…  in all these choices i decided that i will not yield and that my choices are going to honor God.  I cant tell you how that has opened up so many more doors for me in my life.  We always hear that God will give us our hearts  desires.  It is the truth!!! I am finding that my hearts desires are coming to me left and right.  It hasnt been easy by no means to get to this point.  So DON’T EVER GIVE UP.. two of my favorite pastors.. jeremy and kenneth helped me with that  about 2 months ago.. i thank God for them for that..  and girls by the way… Fairy Tales do come true…… with God’s help and willing hearts!!!!


Be Patient……


 Meditate on what God has done in your life instead of what you are still waiting on Him to do… So many times we focus on what has not been fixed that we forget about the blessings that we posess right this very minute.

How Great Is Our God!!!!!


I don’t know how many people read the little plain jane blog but i am so glad that i took the advice from a wonderful co-worker of mine for whom we like to call Tim Swanson.. He is a very caring person and noticed during a time in my life that i wasnt myself and suggested using my blog as a way to talk about the things that got me down, or made me happy..  I used to only blog because i had to for my show but now I can say I blog for my heart and my mind..

Since sunday morning i have had the words “you reign” in my head.  I have been singing the songs that say that.  I know that He reigns in my life now because i have chosen him over all things!!  I have been through so much in my life due to my choices and now find myself thinking with the scripture and the plans that God has for my life..  I am choosing to not make the mistakes I have made in the past.. I am to blessed to go backwards in the journey.  I just pray that the people closest to my heart will trust me this time..  Even though i am having trouble trusting myself , i am moving forward with the plans that God has for me!!




What a weekend…. Have you ever felt like your life is a puzzle all scrambled up in the box or on the floor after dropping it ??  Well it is amazing how when you really truly whole heartidly unselfishly choose God and his ways how the puzzle comes together.  When we put the puzzle together ourselves we tend to make pieces fit and leave them there out of  our impatience.  But waiting on the Lord as hard as it may be pays off in such a way above all comprehension.  The tests and temptations are put there to see your love for him.  If you are like me and promised God something, he will hold you to that… and see how serious you are about your promise and dedication to him.  So once you have promised God something be ready for a journey of tests and trials.  Or before you promise God something make sure you are grounded in His Word and know how to put on the whole Armour of God on each day..

I woke up yesterday with an over whelming sense Gods prescence in all that I have been through the last 71/2 years of my life and esp the last 9 months.  I feel so alive and new ready for my future of my hearts desires.  Which by the way i am seeing one at a time… Thank you Jesus…

Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks


God never stops amazing me with his Awesomeness!!! The scripture that says that he only has good plans for us is SO TRUE!!  He has a path set for us of only good things.. its us who along the way choose the wrong path for the wrong reasons… Sincere obdience is the only way we will see his path for us.. He gave us free will and lets us choose.  My life has been so crazy and full of wrong paths.. but now.. now that i have truly chosen God and the plans he has for me even after the aftermath of all the wrong paths and disasters…I choose God and the plans he has for me… It’s like door after door is being opened after each test is passed .. i might have failed a couple times here and there but not as bad as i used too… yaaay me!!! an old dog can learn new tricks….

No matter where you are or where you go God is there, whether it be above the clouds, in the valley, in the storm, and regardless how deep the water might be, or how hot the fire seems.. know tat God is there.~~~Jenn in the afternoons.. ♥

How We Fall ( A poem by Claire Bateman)

PostedFebruary 21st, 2011

Nobody does a swan dive
into Jesus.
Instead, we fall
bleeding or weeping;
we fall clawing the air
as if to climb it
all the way back;
we fall shrieking, unraveling,
all angles & knobby joints,
all stutter & putter,
our teeth rattling,
our hair fanning out like flames;
we fall foaming at the mouth
with hypothesis & self-argument;
we fall mutely,
hoarding our breath
as if breath withheld
could possibly
make a difference.
And it’s as if the falling
has a mind of its own,
episodic, all fits & starts,
overlapping time zones & air pockets
so that sometimes a faller seems to arrive
just prior to departure,
& other times a faller seems to be merely
hovering in mid-air
like Bugs Bunny,
unaware that he’s left
the edge of the cliff behind.
Some of us even fall
from the inside out
or the outside in,
the soul preceding the body
or the body the soul,
the trajectories describing
all kinds of arcs & parabolas,
disregarding every rule of descent,
demolishing every point of etiquette.

Gods Timing


The 3 years of my life have been a real walk with God on his timing.  I am not saying that i have not messed up and jumped ahead of him only to make a mistake in doing so.  He is teaching me lesson after lesson after lesson after lesson.  i have shared before that after a certain point in my life i thought i was done with tests and lessons and thought i had life all figured out.  Only to realize that i am not no where close to where he wants me to be.  So the last year and a half have been on his time clock under almost total obdience of him preparing me for something else…. something bigger than anything i can imagine.  During the last year and a half i thought it was this horrible season that he was putting me through.. only to find out that it was a time of spiritual growth he was carrying me through  in all areas of my life to be the best i can be at the tasks he has for me.  I mean in all areas like strength, faith, self awareness, and more.  I mentioned almost total obdience … meaning that i have stumbled and have had to get back up with help of good christian friends who have been there for me through thick and thin.  I got back up is the key words to that.   I didn’t stay down listening to the enemy and his lies.  I am proud to say that with the help of the friends and the Lord i am on the down hill slide to another awesome journey in my life.  Even when i thought it cant get any worse and i wanted to give in and let certain people and things steal my joy i hung in there and waited for God to do his work.  Good comes out when we sit back and let him work and don’t make a mess of things first.  i can say today that i can truly see how through this whole ordeal i was in his hands and now feel that he is passing me right on into the hands of  my strong tower……