In life sometimes we hit walls.  Some walls we seen coming and hit them anyway.. Some walls we should have seen coming and some walls we NEVER seen coming… Think about it. If you are running full steam ahead and then you run into a brick wall most likely something is going to get broke bruised and or hurt…  Just like in life when we come up against things or temptations are in our face … we see some of them coming.. and fall for them anyway choose to settle for short term happiness or short term relationship we knew was not good for us.  For some of us it could be a drink or drugs after some years of sobriety.  In my life after hitting so many walls I am just now being more careful and thinking more as each wall comes at me..  It is sad that i waited this long to start learing some of the life lessons that i should have learned along time ago.

The moral of this blog is to …. NOT RUN INTO WALLS THAT WONT RUN WITH YOU!!

think about it.. drugs, alcohol,  the wrong men, they wrong women, addictions and promiscuity ALL  run against you.. they tear you down,  they pull you away from God and his plans for you..  When your walls start running with you… peace, happiness, freedom and love… you are making the right decisions.   



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  1. I believe this is why God does not rescue us from every situation. If He did, we’d never understand why that something was not good for us. For example, I can tell a horsemanship student a 100 times to pay attention at all times where their feet are so the horse won’t step on them, but some never do until that horse steps on their toes. From that moment on he/she remembers that lesson and will be more mindful of where their toes are in relation to that 1200lb animal!
    As for running into walls we already know are there, I think we haven’t learned another way around them, so we keep hitting them thinking something is going to change, but it never does, does it? We’ve got to move in a different direction to find ay success around them. Oh how glad my heart is that God is long suffering!

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