Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks


God never stops amazing me with his Awesomeness!!! The scripture that says that he only has good plans for us is SO TRUE!!  He has a path set for us of only good things.. its us who along the way choose the wrong path for the wrong reasons… Sincere obdience is the only way we will see his path for us.. He gave us free will and lets us choose.  My life has been so crazy and full of wrong paths.. but now.. now that i have truly chosen God and the plans he has for me even after the aftermath of all the wrong paths and disasters…I choose God and the plans he has for me… It’s like door after door is being opened after each test is passed .. i might have failed a couple times here and there but not as bad as i used too… yaaay me!!! an old dog can learn new tricks….

No matter where you are or where you go God is there, whether it be above the clouds, in the valley, in the storm, and regardless how deep the water might be, or how hot the fire seems.. know tat God is there.~~~Jenn in the afternoons.. ♥


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  1. It feels so good when we finally submit and choose God’s path! The hard part for me is letting Him in those remaining dark places that need to be cleansed. Just when you think you’ve cleaned house, He comes in with the White Glove Test and let’s you know that YOU are not in charge of cleansing…that’s His job…and He is NEVER through! Praise His Name!

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