What a weekend…. Have you ever felt like your life is a puzzle all scrambled up in the box or on the floor after dropping it ??  Well it is amazing how when you really truly whole heartidly unselfishly choose God and his ways how the puzzle comes together.  When we put the puzzle together ourselves we tend to make pieces fit and leave them there out of  our impatience.  But waiting on the Lord as hard as it may be pays off in such a way above all comprehension.  The tests and temptations are put there to see your love for him.  If you are like me and promised God something, he will hold you to that… and see how serious you are about your promise and dedication to him.  So once you have promised God something be ready for a journey of tests and trials.  Or before you promise God something make sure you are grounded in His Word and know how to put on the whole Armour of God on each day..

I woke up yesterday with an over whelming sense Gods prescence in all that I have been through the last 71/2 years of my life and esp the last 9 months.  I feel so alive and new ready for my future of my hearts desires.  Which by the way i am seeing one at a time… Thank you Jesus…


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