Our God Reigns


I am over taken this week with the word Reign.  I have heard it, sung it and read it for ALOT of years  but now I GET IT!!! I REALLY GET IT!!

It wasnt until I totally chose God in all that I am and all that I do.  I know I say it alot but I have been through so much in my life but i have perservered and chosen God to be number one in my life.  I was driving down the road about 3 weeks ago and was thinking about all the choices had I had to choose from on a certain subject…. And right then and there i said out loud.. well i hollered it.. I CHOOSE YOU!!! threw some things out my truck window to show God that I was serious about what i had just spoke..  i also love the movie Ever After and in it the prince at one point hollers I WILL NOT YIELD.. so I then go into telling satan I WILL NOT YIELD…  in all these choices i decided that i will not yield and that my choices are going to honor God.  I cant tell you how that has opened up so many more doors for me in my life.  We always hear that God will give us our hearts  desires.  It is the truth!!! I am finding that my hearts desires are coming to me left and right.  It hasnt been easy by no means to get to this point.  So DON’T EVER GIVE UP.. two of my favorite pastors.. jeremy and kenneth helped me with that  about 2 months ago.. i thank God for them for that..  and girls by the way… Fairy Tales do come true…… with God’s help and willing hearts!!!!


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