Be Still and Know That I am God!!


PHOENIX – A massive sandstorm rolled into the Phoenix area Tuesday night, causing near-zero visibility and blanking much of the area in sand.Reports say the storm was approximately 50 miles wide and winds of 60 mph were reported.The storm was forecast to move through central Phoenix and would likely impact Sky Harbor Airport.The storm is called a Haboob, Arabic for sandstorm.








How can people see something like this and not believe in God?? Can you imagine the things we are going to see on the Glorious Day he comes back for us???



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  1. It is obvious to us, believers, that God is and that He rules! Unbelievers are blinded by the king of darkness and they refuse to recognize the existence of God in spite of so much evidence. We will rejoice at His glorious comming and we will be with Him forever & ever!!!

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