“Mothers of Teenagers Know Why Animals Eat Their Young”


I have been saying this and hearing this alot lately..   If you have a teenager you are laughing with me . If you don’t have a teenager you are not finding the humor in this post.  They say we reap what we sew.  Well moms name is Sandy and I cant wait to see her mansion in Heaven for putting up with me in my teenage years.  She had four of us to put up with..  It is the hardest thing to do is have a teenager and see them through to the other side.. and them not be in jail or on drugs, pregnant etc…  Life is so much harder on these kids these days.  Satan is hard at work and he is really working on our kids.  It is up to us as parents to see them through these years.  Our choices on how we handle them and their situations can and will make them or break them!!!  As a mother it is the hardest thing in the world to just sit back and at that point of letting them go or to go through arguments with out resolving it.  But i don’t know that there is anything stronger than the prayers of a praying momma.. I am a walking testimonty of that .  I have also heard a story from a friend of mine of him in his room worshiping satan and asking satan to take him and use him. His mother would stand outside his bedroom door and pray for him night after night. He is now a God Loving God Fearing youth pastor.  So i am trying to encourage you parents of teen agers today to never give up and keep praying for them.. this too shall pass…



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