No Need To Hide The Mess!!



You know when people show up to your house unannounced and the house is messy and clutter is where it shouldn’t be??  And most of the time it is not messy to them but in our minds it is messy to us??  I thought about Jesus and the fact that he feels welcome in our messy lives.  He is kind amidst our chaos.  He simply wants to come in and spend time with us.  So if you are worried that you are too much of a mess to ask Jesus to come in your life you are wrong.  He will come in and wait for us to clean up our mess and make more room for him..
 When Jesus comes in our lives he doesn’t care that we are a mess!!!  He feels welcome in our messy, chaotic lives.  He is kind and gentle and just comes in to spend time with us. Then eventually we start wanting to change to clean up our lives to make more room for him!! That is my prayer for a loved one of mine today!! ~~Jenn

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