Divine Appointments


Jenn in the afternoons~~ WOW.. i had a GREAT morning!! Even though i had to get up earlier than normal. My first instinct was to be grumpy cause i had to get up early.. but.. It didn’t take long for my mood to change..I was painting at the expo to help with the forrest festival with others, some were trustee’s from the local jail.  I got to tell them where i worked and went to church and have a few of them interested in coming to our church!! And all of a sudden i realized why i was really there.. I am glad that i was obdient and made the divine appointment!!

I really don’t like getting up early.. but this morning was unlike any other morning.. When i got there i have to admit i was nervous around the guys being trustees of the local jail.. I knew one of them from school.  I actually went over to the other side of the expo to not work so close to them.  Some of them ended up coming over to where i was to get started on the building i was working on.  One of them said “are you locked up too?? What they get you for?? ”  That was a great ice breaker.. i explained that i was not locked up and that i worked for 90.9KSWP/91.9KAVX the christian radio station.  Then i heard one guy from around the corner ask me my name i said Jennifer.. he asked my last name.. i was like oh no .. what do i say. . do i lie?? but i told them my last name.. i still have not seen this guy.. he then says where did you go to school .. i said Lufkin.. he came around the corner and smiled and it was a guy i went to school with  .. I will call him “R”.

so that was another ice breaker.. at this point i am still kind of nervous. The guy i went to school with it talking to me and we are all still painting.. then i have to move around to work closer to two more guys..  One of them I will call “J” was talking to me and helping me.  The other was real quiet we will call him “S”.. I almost felt led to talk to him to break the ice… But as he heard me talk to “J” and “R” and the “Boss” he finally started talking.  I was telling “R” where i worked and what i did with KSWP and Clawson and it ends up that the quiet one  “S” has came to Clawson with his parents which i know who they are .  What a small world.  So i got to ask him about coming to clawson and he was there last week and i made sure to tell him to come back .. Told him and “J” about our out reach ministries.. I went real in detail about our Hell House that we do.  “J” gets out in two weeks and please pray that if not ASAP but when he is ready that he steps foot in a church.. “S” gets out this saturday and please pray that he comes to clawson this sunday like he said.  “R” doesnt know when he is going to get out but mentioned that he has a 15 year old son that has started following in his footseps.  So we need to pray for his son to not go down the road that his dad has.  “R” said that 5 of the guys had been baptized recently!!! WOW! “R” asked for any reading material that we had to be sent to them.  I will be sending some this week!!!

My favorite part of the day was one of the other guys that i didn’t ever get his name was washing his hands in the paint thinner at the same time i was, he noticed me take off a ring and said ” take off the wedding ring” i said no it’s not  my wedding ring.. as i kept washing my arms and hands ( I am a messy painter) he noticed the ring on my ring finger.. and said theres the wedding ring.. i said no and turned it so he could see it. .I said it says Jesus.. He had been around earilier while i was talking to the others and heard about our church and the radio station.  He said yall love you some Jesus don’t yall?? I said yes we do.  I said that I wear the rings to keep me out of trouble.. I will never forget how he looked up at me and said “Does it work?”  I said yes it does! That the rings keep me reminded to live right.  And to think that i was grumpy and didnt want to get up early to go paint in the heat…  But the plan wasnt to paint at all.. So today i am reminded to always look for those moments to share Jesus with ANYONE!!!


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