We have a choice.. what will you choose??


Jenn in the afternoons wants to remind us that when we focus on the problems in our life, we will have more problems… But when we finally decide to focus on the possibilities ,we will have more opportunities… We have a choice… ♥

It’s just like the other morning when i went to paint at the Expo center for the forrest festival.. It was early and i knew it was gonna be HOT!!  I tried to not be negative.. but it is my nature to be negative.. so i chose to just start painting.. before i knew it i was sharing Jesus and what i did for a living to the trustees of the city jail that were there painting with me.  If i had chosen to focus on how early it was and how bad i was sweating i would never have seen the opportunity to share Jesus with these guys.. I hope to see them on the outside.. i have planted seeds for them to visit my church or a church in huntington.. i invited them to help with some big events our church does.. i am so glad tha i chose to see the opportunity and not the problem.  it’s usually the times i feel the most resistance that i have the best opportunity to be a witness and share the light of Jesus .. just like i teach my childrens church kids….

We have a choice.. what will you choose??


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