Is God First In Your Life?


I was put to a test last night and had to kinda laugh once i realized what was happening..   As I was leaving church to meet someone at the last minute in town… I was walking to touch the door to leave and noticed a family that i didn’t recognize sitting on a bench waiting for someone.. I thought maybe they had came to church and didnt know we had childrens church so.. i stopped backed up and asked if they had visited the church and told them we had childrens church upstairs and asked the childrens ages.  I then informed them that the little girl would be in the room i teach and told them a little about what we do.. The parents let me know they were waiting to speak to pastor about switching churches.. In the back of my mind i was thinking i gotta hurry.. but i knew what i needed to do.. A new family.. the girl will be in my room… so I asked if i could show the kids the rooms they would be in if they came to Clawson.. They loved their rooms and i spoke with them and introduce the little boy to Sharon who would be his teacher… Then waited a few minutes and was taking them back down stairs.. only to run into someone that i needed to give something to for VBS… UGHHHH … i was thinking i am fixen to get outta here.. and then i was interupted again.. God was saying “AM I FIRST TONIGHT?”  So i politely gave my friend who is willing to help me in VBS the info he needed also keeping the kids so their parents can talk to pastor with us.  I invited the kids to VBS and finally got to go to my destination… The moral of this story is that God gives us things that we love and treasure but we have to be careful where we put those treasures.. I am glad that i was aware of that test and passed.. and luckily the person i was meeting loves God as much as me and understood patiently… Thank you God for my blessings… and YOU ARE FIRST!!


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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience honestly! We keep asking God for signs and things and all the time what He is trying to say is right before us…we do not SEE…we look, but do not SEE; we listen, but we do not HEAR. I praise Him for being so long-suffering and faithful to forgive!

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