Seasons come and go.


I realized yesterday that a season in my life has came and gone.  I had a different date in my mind to look forward too .. but realized last night that the actual date i was looking for has passed.  I was happy .. then very overwhelmed and humbled that God found me fit to bless for the last year of my life.  I know that without his covering i would not have made it through this season.. I look back at the season and choices i had made and look at me and my little family now and can honestly whoe heartidly see just how AWESOME God is.. i could type for hours and give stories of his blessing and power he has showed me over the last year.. Some one like me that is.. It just goes to show his mercy and grace is sufficent. I woke up in my sleep last night singing words to a song that say.. Take this world and Give me Jesus…. and from a different song  that says this.. What if our blessings come through rain drops what if your healing comes through tears.. what if a thousand sleepless nights is what it takes to know your near.. what if the trials of life are your mercies in disguise..  WOW…. my season certainly consisted of rain drops, tears, MANY sleepless nights and trials..  I am truly blessed in my new season.. Hold on and you will be too!!



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