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Music Boat with Jenn & Haley


Day 1 music boat:

The taxi ride over was NOT fun!! I was scared. Stressed and thought the cab was gunna literally fall apart!!??

Once we got to the port it was soo much easier once we found the primier staff. As we wait in line to get our industry info chris august walks by  and i was all like that chris august!!!Working at a radio station i didnt think i would get star struck but chris august got me!! They escorted us right on into the VIP room. With CHRIS AUGUST, matt hammond and bart millard!!  Thats all before we got on the boat!! We got to meet michael tate about 3 hours after we got on board!! We havent even set sail yet!! Oh yeah i found the icecream!!!

We have set sail !!! It was pretty rough at first the ship rocking and all. Neither me or haley took any kind of seasickness meds!! Gunna try our luck. Waiting in line for the chris august & newsboys concert got really rough. Thought i was gunna hurl!! But i started singing to take my mind off of it. Then chris august and newsboys distracted us with an awesome concert!! Newsboys is up there with skillet in my book when it comes to a great show!!


Day 2 music boat

Slept real good!! Actually coulda slept til noon but as soon as i saw daylight i was up and adam!! Ready to go work out with rob dempsey & phil and amy pharam. 7 am Walked out to 40 mph winds on the sports level to work out met up with michelle yonkman. Yes that means haley slept in. What a work out!! I didnt remember signing up for lunges!!!

Work out complete!! Now getting ready for key west. Walked and shopped close to the boat. Back on the boat laid out in the sun on the top of the boat. Still no sea sickness. Ate some lunch then off to the gathering. Got to meet duncan the drummer from the newsboys!!! Yeah baby!! And the singer of the side walk prophets. !!:) shot a video for next years music boat video. Talked to chris august… Again  im so star struck!!!one of my favorite moments… Chris august walking in the industry gathering bare foot towel around his shoulder shoes in his hand. Says i guess i should put my shoes on. Sits in the main floor wipes his bare feet with his towel and puts his shoes on.  And they gave the list of next years line up!! Red, royal tailore, jamie grace, building 429, kutless, group 1 crew,  mandisa, laura story, natalie grant sanctus real, peter furler, classic petra, newsboys and dara will b going toGrad turks& kacosislands.   They are giving us the option to rebook for next year not sure what to do!! Will i get the station room  or should i book my own. How can i get my mom and dad on next years cruise? Now off to the room to chill before  waiting in line to see mercy me!! Waited 45 min!!heather williams was before mercy me.  She had her daughter sing a songwith her. ADORABLE!! She told a little of how she lost her son and the struggle and how she wrote a song of victory from it.  bart millard has the voice of a thousand angels!!! So annionted!!Barts message was about how the god of everything longs for us!! Even looking out off the boat at gods creation that he longs for us. Not the stuff!! He longs for the very ones that fight him.And think we have a better plan than him. Mess things up over and over he longs for us. How some of us in the ministry might get tired of it. And wonder if its all worth it when life comes against us and the devil says that what we do is insignificant, that theres a BIG GOD that longs for us and if we are able to reach others that IT IS WORTH IT!! Formal dinner night then off to change the headed to karioke with the newsboys then to see chris august again. Hes working on a new album. We heard a new song called amen. 😉

Day 3 music boat

I have to say that for our first cruise music boat was the best choice!! Being around so many d christians is nice. This is what  heavan is going to be like. People smiling back at u when u smile at them. Heck people smiling at u first!! Once on the boat for a day or so its like u make a point to make contact with everyone. People helping others. People with handicaps being taking care of first and with respect.

We woke up at about 9. Went and had breakfast then off to wait in the autograph line for chris, news boys sanctus real and mercy me. Did i say wait in line cause we waited a LONG time. But well worth it!! Then off to a quick lunch as we see cozumel in the horizon!! Hurry of to change to go into cozumel and SHOP, ZIPLINE & SNORKEL!! The zipline experience was AMAZING!! The crew made it so much fun!! We started out rock climbing ( which i went all the way to the TOP)then over suspended bridges to zipline once again!! Oh yeah cant forget the rapelling off the 60ft high tower!!! Haley beat me to the bottom, only because i forgot to let go of my rope to let myself down. It was awesome!! Highly recomended excursion. After the zipline we were off to snorkel !!! We get our fins and snorkles and off into the water we go!!! I jump off the peir into the water then i remember that i get sea sick when i snorkel!! Haley wasnt to sure about it when we first started but was pointing fish out to me by the time we got done. At this point im just trying to keep from throwing up!!praying for my feet to just touch the land.  I just wanted my feet on the beach!! Haley enjoyed it soo much!! Then off to get our free soda and get my balance back. Haley was taking picture after picture!!! It was a small place we were at on the excursion but was full of amazing beauty!!! All god’s creation. Thats one thing music boat exposes you to is alot of gods creation. Haley even said i dont like beaches but i love this place its so pretty i dont want to leave  The van ride back was worth the whole trip haley was talking to all the others in van about how much fun she had!! We hurry back to get good seats for chris tomlin!! And i do mean hurry!! I was willing to miss chris to stay at the beach but haley was like heck no its chris tomlin we are not missing him!!  So we get back to the ship and its time to wait in line for good seats to see chris and haley HAS to have a shower.. So being the nice mom i throw on some clean clothes fix my saltwater pony tail and off to wait in line almost an hour early to see chris tomlin. Things we do for our kids.  Chris opens up with our god. And by the way i am sitting because i am so tired. What an amazing three days this has been!! Haley even said the days just keep getting better!! Another thing i realized on music boat is that some of the distinctive sounds on some of our favorite songs dont come from our favorite singers they come from their guitar players. Like the whoa ohhh from i will follow. And on …

Let faith arise was sooo annointed!!As a kid he had a desire to write songs that would help people praise god. Chris quoted-God doesnt speak english he speaks the world. After chris we ran into town got haley a braid and some souveiners. Back on the boat 10:19 pm we are sitting on the top deck in lounge chairs waiting to hear the sidewalk prophets!! And they dont start til 11.. Gotta get here early to get good seats to see the concert up close. Dave from the prophets has a voice of an angel!!And is from the cornfeilds of indiana. In his 3rd song he brings out his bible and reminds us that gods word has power to set us free. During the concert i notice an eldery lady in a wheelchair that is singing and praising. And it hits me like a ton of bricks ( at this point i am in tears)that she prob sits at home listening to her christian radio station back home for comfort and peice when she might be alone. And without doing what we do as a radio station do what would she have?? How would she hear the sidewalk prophets chris august mercy me… Thats  y i do what i do. Thats y i gotta keep doing what i am doing even during the times i dont feel its worth the extra mile and that i complain.  As they are doing u loved me anyway an announcement came over the loud speaker nobody could hear it over the music. I find it funny that nobody cared to find out what it said.. We coulda been sinking and nobody was worried.  After the sidewalk prophets i go get me another bowl of ice cream yes another bowl, waiting for the monster deck party. Keep  in mind that it is midnight.  The carnival dancers come out and have music boaters do the electric slide, cha cha slide, chicken dance and the train. Everyone old and young was having a BLAST.  The sidewalk prophets are still behind the stage signing and taking pics!! We get our pic with the whole group. As were talking to them the monster deck party is dancing to the chicken dance and a couple of the band members start dng the chicken dance. Off to our beds at this point. Its around 1230 am


Day 4 music boat

Woke up thought it would be like 11. Nope 8 o clock. So i lay there to not wake haley up finally 830 im up putting my hair in a ponytail get dressed and out the door. Morning worship with the museum. Ben from the museum talked about how we as a church should make sure that we as a church should pass god onto our next generations to fill up our mega churches that we have  built. Ate breakfast haley is still asleep. Then i go back change into my swim suit, haley is still asleep pillow over her head. I go to the top deck by the waterslide and lay out. Haley is still asleep. I look at the water slide that i talked so much about like how many times i would slide and push little kids outta my way to slide down. And i am so tired from concerts and fun to even slide that i dont even slide once. Haley finally surfaces around 11 we grab lunch and go back up to the room and she changes. Back up to the pool deck to listen to some ashes remain and soak up the beautiful sun.   As we are laying out its so nice to see all the families sliding, laughing eating and bonding. I have seen husbands and wives enjoying the sun & fun. I have seen old and young having the time of their lives.  I cant help but wonder what each family’s life is like at home.  We go back to the room clean up re pack everything getting ready to disembark tomorrow. Off to the group leader meeting @ 3. I hope to be able to be a group leader and sign bunches of families up to enjoy this same incredible experience.. Im gunna get the church educated about the cruise and payment plan. Maybe i can sign enough up to pay for my room. Then back to the room to chill and off the finally find the gym. Yes the gym that i never made it to. But it was awesome. Its at the front of the ship where the windows are the front of the ship. So, had i gotten on the treadmill i would have had the best treadmill view i have could ever imagine. We walk around the carnival store haley finds a bubble gum sucker. Then off to wait in line to see tom richter, jared emerson and isreal houghton and the new breed. Tom ricther had us laughing. Jared emersons painting of our savior was beautiful as always. They auctioned it off right on the spot. It went for 4,000 towards world hope. Isreal and the new breed are a great show. Like a big church service!! Makes me feel like i am back home at clawson assembly of god. Isreal san the very same power that rose him from the dead lives in us!!! Tears and chill bumps came over me. His mother was pregnant at 17 kicked out of her parents home and split fom his dad at 8 mths preg. She had so much pressure to have an abortion as she was walking down the street one day with all the weight of the world on her shoulders a woman stopped her car and walked over to her and just simply said jesus loves u and u are not forgotten. They sat on the curb ans she lead his mom in a simple prayer and her life was forever changed. That proves that u dont have to cross the world to change it.. You just have to cross the street or the room. I have decided that they should change the name from music boat to ALOTTA music boat. After isreal we are off to supper. Meat loaf and gravy. And yes more ice cream. Then off to sit in the hot tub on the very back of the boat over looking the many miles of ocean and underneath the stars, moon and clouds. Off to go change to wait in line for brandon heath. Walking dwn the stairs haley’s like theres brandon!! Hes signing a cd and talking to a lady. Of course we snap pics. Now to wait in line a bout 9 oclock for his concert. Finally in to see brandon heath 10:03.  Your love your love!! I forgot how much i like him!!;) brandon and his dad used this week as a vacation.  Brandon has rented scooters twice this week. Carnival has a sign stating that they do not endorse scooters. Brandon says he does endorse them. Brandon asks what is your eden and what is your apple!! theres another vocal that i just assumed was brandon but is the keyboard player in the song you put the light. Ok so brandons 10 oclock concert was the first concert that we had people actually cut in line.  We were the 6th people in line and the line was loong and after waiting an hour in line this lady appears outta no where. So me and haley kinda debate on do we say anything or not… We are at a christian concert. But then again we got there an hour early to go in first. Me and haley decide to just position ourselves in front of her to let her know we dont appreciate her cutting all the other people who have been waiting patiently and nicely. During all this another lady attempts to go in with the 3 wheelchair ladies!!! And the staff catches it and she doesnt get in and is mad cause she didnt get in… Well the lady in front of us politely tells them that there are alot of others that have been waiting. They still dont move!! Well the doors open granted i have told haley i would run block for her to get in. A nice christian block that is!!! Bhaaaa before i know it the beautiful lady in heels is plowing over me and haley i stop her until haley says mom shes trying to keep them from cutting in. That was the craziest thing ever!! We finally get in and i see haley sit at the same time a grandma does. They almost sit on each other!!! CRAZY!!  We love our artists. Lol  we get in and  get our same seats right in front of the speakers. Halfway through the concert a man and lady come in and sit to out right. Then get up walk in front of us by the stage!! Hes at least 6ft and 250.  We wait trying to be nice. Then i finally have to tap him and tell him shes trying to take pics. He kinda moves then his wife gets in front of haley. I politely tell her that were not being ugly we waited an hour in line so she can see and get good outside for the farewell deck party. It is 11:13pm Heather williams

New band belarie


Isreal h and new breed


My favorite artist part of music boat:

Chris august cmg into industry gathering bare foot. Shoes in his hand towel on his shoulder. Says guess i better put my shoes on. Sits down wipes his feet with his towel puts shoes on and starts talking. He starts telling me and haley how he was in the pool wrestling some little kid. He was all like i was like u know just throwing him around and i was like ahhhh 3 o clock.

My favorite concert: kj52 & newsboys then chris augusts 11 oclock show.

My favorite haley moments:

The first night after the newsboys cmg into the room finding the cd and the animal on the bed.

Riding back from zipline snorkel in the van.

Things i learned:

Dont wear make up to a chris tomlin concert!!

Most annointed song: let faith arise chris tomlin I SING WITH FREEDOM!!

Chris tomlin said that some of us might have came into this room at the top but some might have came in at the bottom not thinking god could hear our song!! He said we might not all have it together but we serve a god who holds us together!! We were singing my chains are gone. He said to sing with freedom.

What did i learn : i cant snorkel. And i will never take another taxi again.

Alotta music boat.