It isn’t a Penalty If You Don’t Get Caught


As I was reading the yahoo news this afternoon I saw, once again Tim Tebow’s name.  This time the headline was “Was Tim Tebow’s game-winning touchdown illegal?  The writer goes on into how there were only 6 men lined up on the line of scrimmage when the NFL rules say there has to be seven.  He then goes on into how that rule in the books does not require a tape measure.  He goes on and on about the rules in the book and how he watched other touchdown plays from the wild card weekend and that he only saw one other line not to be correctly lined up.  His final words are “Should Tim Tebow’s touchdown have counted? Absolutely.  It isn’t a penalty if you don’t get caught!”  Well, my point is that in our Christian life how many times do we think and live in ways just like that.  We do things at home that we wouldn’t do around our church family or work peers.  We think nobody will know if nobody see’s me?? Well God see’s! Think about it the people you are around doing things to fit in for acceptance, They DON’T matter, God’s opinion is what counts.  And as for Christians who have heard the rules and still defy the word of God.. I truly believe that we will be held more accountable, for the attitude of no one will know, “Absolutely, It isn’t a penalty if I don’t get caught.”  So often we do things for the wrong reasons and have that gut feeling of it being wrong, but want love and acceptance from others here and now more than the love, grace and good plans for our life that God laid out for us before we were even born.  Something else that comes to mind is that he was busy looking at other faults trying to come up with something negative against Tim Tebow, that he is not looking at things in his own life. I was thinking seriously.. is this what you spend your time doing?? Be careful not to miss things in your own life because you are busy worrying about others.  What does your line of scrimmage look like and what rules are you following?? If you were to die today what would God’s final words to you be? Should your good intentions and you being a “good” person count?


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