A different Kind of Valentines Love


It is easy to do for our favorite valentines and our loved ones on this day .. but what about others who don’t have that special someone or someones?

I was in HEB grocery store last night.. Very tired.. not feeling well. .it was cold and rainy… oh yeah and i was hungry.. i get my groceries, the place is so crowded. I get in line to check out and a little elderly lady wearing a HEB shirt and hair net gets in front of me with a balloon a frog a valentines bag and goodies.. I started to make conversation and say that she would have some happy grand children when she got home , like i said i was tired… and hungry.. and ready to just get outta there.. Then the very young cashier says… You have a special Valentine?? The lady kinda laughs and i thought please don’t have some weird story about your boyfriend.. She goes on to say No.. i am buying this for the Lady at the diner, she just been so nice to me.. i just love visiting with her.. i have been going there for years and she is just so nice i wanted to make her day.. The cashier says how sweet, I know she will love it.. The lady say’s i know it would make me smile if someone bought me a big green frog on valentines day.. I felt God tugging at my heart .. he wanted me to get out of line go purchase the same stuff she bought for the diner lady and leave it there for her to find today.. I could have give it to the cashier to give to her.. but i was hungry, tired and ready to go home..   I went on about my way.. home to eat and bed.. Well guess who i woke up thinking about this morning?  yes the sweet lady in front of me that bought the nice lady at the diner a valentines present.. So at lunch i went and bought a singing red frog a balloon a bag and put some goodies in it, my favorite thing I put in the bag was a pink sparkly key chain that said God’s Princess with a crown.. I noticed it at the check out and it was like that was the message she was suppose to hear from God through this whole thing… So i take the bag to HEB, i can not find her.. and i ask a manager.. We found another lady that knew her and find out that she is off.. i am sad at this point..thinking i should have obeyed God last night and just did it when he first told me…. Then she says i will see her tonight.. and i can take it too her.. YAAAAY.. i didn’t miss my chance to bless this wonderful lady.. on Valentines Day… so today and everyday.. listen to God when he asks you to go out of your way to bless someone who may be alone, missunderstood, living on the street, at the lowest point of their life.. etc… Share the Love .. Share the Jesus in you.. let them see him through you.. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY…

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