Waiting Well


i caught a joyce meyer podcast this morn while working out on my treadmill.  It was AWESOME.. its called Pressing Past Painful Emotions – Pt 2.  I am not having large issues with my past painful emotions.. But this was sooo inspirational and memorable.. reminding me that I am not where I could be but Thank God I am not where I used to be.. It reminded me of all those battles i have overcome.. Here are some key points that stuck out to me..

Learn to enjoy where your at on your way to where you are going..

I am gonna enjoy me in the middle.

God offers so many wonderful things to so many people but they never want to go through the hard stuff to get the good stuff God has offered. 

Joseph had a choice to be bitter but he chose to let it make him better.

Joseph started off in the pit but ended up in the palace.

while waiting…. Keep your mouth and thoughts going in the right direction and God will come in and show his promises.

Keep compromising your values and watch the devil come in and steal everything you got!!!


That’s Good stuff!!!



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