Below is the link to the best spiritual weight loss info I have read in my almost 3 years of working out!  I have always heard our body is a temple.. I think I discarded that scripture growing up because I didn’t want to have to conform to it.. My dad used to say no tatoo’s , piercings and things like that.. so I think i put that scripture out of my mind.  Until I read the main articles in this magazine.  WOW.. My body is a temple!!! I get it! I lost the weight after I saw Joyce Meyers transformation.. and heard he say that she wanted to honor the scripture and live as long as God needed her to to complete her ministry work he had called her to do.  That was 3 years ago.. and I am still working hard at it.. IT IS NOT EASY!!!  I want pizza, steak finger baskets, french fries, and LOTS of chocolate.. but i want more to honor the body/temple he gave me to house my soul!  I use my workout time as my time with God too.. as i am on the treadmill I listen to christian music and read devotionals, pray and get healthy..  If you need motivation read this magazine.. 🙂 if you need help or someone to keep you motivated during your spiritual weight loss journey, let me know.. i love motivating others to get healthy and live longer!!

The best spiritual weight loss Magazine!!!


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