My personal walk through affliction… it’s easy to read a magazine article and get good info about adversity as i have typed below… but when someone tells me how they have conquered their own adversity it is easier to listen to and believe that I too could survive the “chisel”.  I am very thankful for God sculpting me.  Now had you asked me that question 2 yrs ago i would not have the same answer.  If you yourself feel like you are swamped and drowning in adversity.. Hang on.. God is just creating a master piece!!! Everything you are going through is in His plan.. Unless like me had mad soooooooooo many wrong choices it took me years to get out of all my wrong choices.. then God still had to work on me.. Hang on… This was my favorite scripture while i was going through my changes Romans 8:37 nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through Jesus Christ who loves me! I would quote that over and over and over and over… along with MANY of my other faith building scriptures.. Fill your mind with scripture.. post them everywhere as reminders that you will make it through this adversity.. OH YEAH… it never stops… lol i there is always some way that the enemy brings things from your past up that you thought you had gotten rid of and conquered.. he brings it up and you are faced with conquering it again.. and don’t forget the wrong decisions… we are not perfect and we will make wrong decisions and have to deal with the adversity of them too… ❤

Picture the Lord as a master sculptor standing before a block of marble-that slab is YOU.  He lovingly and carefully chips away at everything that does not fit the masterpiece He’s creating.  One of the first areas the Lord deals with your character.  His goal is to shape you into the image of His Son. and there are some traits and attitudes ( yes.. those that just popped into your head) that must be chipped away in order for Him to accomplish the task.  His chisel lays bare roots of sin and selfishness.  When anything or anyone becomes more important to us than the Lord, we have an idol in our lives.  To protect us, God sometimes uses adversity to strip away everything we have relied upon so that we’ll cling only to Him.  The chisel hurts- it sometimes feels as if God is taking away everything we hold dear.  Unless you understand His goal and believe He’s working for your good, you’ll think he is cruel.  But if you trust Him and yield to His shaping tool of adversity, your faith will be purified and strengthened through affliction.


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