TODAY I WILL….. Make learning fun for my kids.









I had the opportunity to work for a home based head start program where we went into low income families homes and teach the parents how to teach their children without spending money.  We had all kinds of fun using everyday household items.  Today our action is to make learning for our kids fun.. Yes it is possible..  and without spending alot of money.. I have posted some links that will give you ideas.

These links will show you how to make puzzles out of cereal/snack boxes.

These links show you how to make snow globes with all types of jars.

These links are doorways  for you to choose the subject of learning you need help in..

Can’t forget the fun snack links:

If you don’t have children, do something today.. call a family member you haven’t talked to in a while.  Write an old fashioned letter to someone who is lonely.  Go out for your favorite ice cream.

Say it with me  “TODAY I WILL .. Make learning fun for my kids.”


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