Today I Will Day 3


Today’s action is …. “Today I will learn about the movies my kids want to see.” (before they go see them)

Growing up our parents kept me and my older sister and 2 younger brothers away from the “trash” of the world.  I hated it then but am glad for it now.  It was probably easier back in those days to do so, today’s world is over ran with “trash”.  I have tried to raise my girls in that same manner, but once again this day and age is so much more complex.  It’s really hard to be “that kid” whose parents don’t let them do the “cool things”.  Esp for christian beliefs.  As a parent you want so much for your children to love you and if you say no to the things they want then they don’t like you.  They always love you… I remember as a kid being SO ANGRY with my parents for not allowing me to hang out at the mall… but i always loved them.  Even though my actions said other wise.  I call it being the mean momma.. There is not a greater hurt than your kid treating you bad because they don’t get their way.  Not talking to you unless they need something you have to give them..  When they are small they get over it quicker or a trip to Mcdonalds couldn’t fix… Then they turn into teenagers and McDonalds just doesn’t do the trick anymore and parents are left with empty spots in their heart where their kids used to be.  But the good thing is that just like I did about 20 years later apologized to my parents and realized they did no better than me.. I think i have apologized to my parents like ten times… So after saying all of that .. it IS VERY IMPORTANT to know what your kids are watching, who they are hanging out with , where they are going.. don’t forget the internet… and being the mean parent pays off in the long run..

So how do YOU decide what movies your family can and can’t see?  Do you even try ?


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