Today I Will…. Day 4


Today’s action is Today I will “HELP A CHILD FEEL SPECIAL.”


We have all been somewhere and noticed a child that we felt needed something.  Maybe it be shoes, clothes, food from just someone to acknowledge them as a human being.  In our day and age I’m sure a lot of us have noticed kids who need even to just survive everyday.  Working with pre-K and K aged children for about 23 years,  I have seen the worst needs ever.  You would be surprised at how easy it is to make a child feel special.  You might not have thousands of  dollars to spend to change a child’s surroundings but a simple hug, smile and a how are you is worth more than that thousands of dollars.  When I work with kids my first and foremost goal is to let them feel accepted, loved and important! That is by eye contact, hugs and asking them how they are doing.. and we always tell them we love them!  You would not be surprised how many children grow up without ever hearing that!  Maybe you did?  Don’t spread that feeling on to your children.  Say those words..

Each child is different and wired in a different way, likes different things and their needs are different between each child.  It is ever so important to know those needs for each child and fill them.  If you don’t have children, ask your sunday school workers of any children with needs.. They would be happy to help you.. If kids aren’t your thing at all .. but you see the needs donate to a local business that helps kids in some way..

In a world where mom’s are overwhelmed with all they have to do, even me.. We seem to tend more to what we think we need to do to have life all together and forget the small things.  In a selfish world where some parents choose their own wants and desires over the mental, health and physical well being of our children.. Yes I have been guilty of that! But thank goodness I took notice and have changed.  God is Good! It’s never too late.  So today WE WILL MAKE A CHILD FEEL SPECIAL!


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