Day 5 Today I Will…..




Today’s action is.. “Today I will START MAKING A BUDGET.”

It is important for Christians to be able to recognize financial bondage, but it is equally
important to know how to achieve freedom. Financial freedom manifests itself in every
aspect of lives—relief from worry and tension about overdue bills, a clear conscience before
God and before others, and the absolute assurance that God is in control of our finances.   read more from this awesome article from Focus On The Family at
Budgeting is something very few families do any more.  My husband has a weekly budget, has each bill scheduled to be paid during a certain week to know exactly what is being spent and when.. and knowing how much is left each week.  I am very blessed to have a husband who takes that responsibility.. When I am washing, folding  clothes, washing dishes.. I am glad to wash and fold all of his as a thank you for him taking care of the bills.  As a Proverbs 31 wife I also do not spend money that I shouldn’t.  We always talk about finances and what we can buy and when .  He does not “control” the money WE DO!!   Please feel free to use the info at the link above to get your new budget started!!


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