Day 7 Today I Will…


Today I Will Help My Child Adapt to the Fall Routine.

Can you believe that it is time to start getting the kids ready for school?? All the kids are dreading it.. but parents on the other hand… for some it is a relief.  A relief that is once it starts and the kids get into the swing of things.. I think one of the hardest transitions is the going to bed early and getting up early.. For us that was the hardest.  Then the first week of school the kids are so tired when they get home you have to keep them from taking a nap so that they will go to bed on time… times.   We will start the prayers for all the families now.  My daughters are 21 and 17 now so this is no longer an issue for me.. trust me we have “other issues”  lol.  But parenting is such an important job.  Teaching them at a younger age sure is easier than once they are teenagers..

Here are some links with great suggestions and tips to help you transition your kids to get ready to go back to school!!

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