Day 8 Today I Will…Plug In To My Kids Media Choices.


Yes that means that you will have to take control of what they are doing.  Kids who know their parents are NOT afraid to look at their private FB messages, texts, computer history are less likely to look at and talk like they shouldn’t.  If your kids know that you would never look… guess what they are doing.. Will it stop all bad things… NO.. but it will for sure lower the percent rate.  Kids will holler about their privacy… and that it means you don’t trust them…. well guess what.. when they move out on their own they will have all the privacy they want.. and no we can’t trust them… I think too many parents are guilty (even me) of not wanting to be the bad guy or argue with them so we look past some issues that we are as parents suppose to confront!  This includes the movies and what they see at different ages! Music… what a powerful tool that Satan uses to get in their heads!!  OH my biggest pet peeve.. VIDEO GAMES!!! ughhhhhh!!! When they are little correcting them is natural and is a no brainer… then comes the teenage years… That’s when it gets hard .. but still just as important!  Then comes the let them go years where you give them room to be who they are and learn how to be out on their own.  Then comes the years where they need you again.. so Be the parent that asks who, what, when , why , knowing passwords to phones, Facebook, computer emails.. etc.  They will thank you for it!

As usual here are some links with great info on getting plugged in to your child’s media choices..

this first link is a test to see how well you monitor your child’s media… do you lie to other parents about the movies you allow them to see?  Have you allowed your child to play a mature video game or taken them to a movie that was to mature for their age???

this link is how to explain to children the need for parents to explain media discernment:

this link show how to set a family standard

this link tells you how to get more out of you family movie night

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