this email was sent to me today from a friend that works at the Kurth Memorial Animal Shelter…

This has been a particularly tough day, but getting your email early this morning helped me smile off and on all day.

I only knew Sport for a minute.  You were with him often and really knew what a wonderful soul he had.  When I first contacted the shelter to see about networking him (I don’t think I have ever done that before) and was told it was too late, I could have kicked myself for not pursuing it the week before.

I have no idea how Debbie managed to get a day’s extension.  I surely did not have any sure fire plan.  There are no pointer rescues around here, as I’m sure you are aware.  By the time I said I couldn’t help, Debbie came back that he had until Saturday.  There was no way I could not go to see him, if nothing more than to kiss his head goodbye.

Some friends began the tricky part of working with the rescue and a foster home.  We knew he could not be pulled under it, but Debbie gave us things to do to have a plan in place.  The hard part was not knowing if he was dead or alive until Sunday evening.  Debbie made everything easy.

Sport is currently in Kentucky with the person who drove him from Louisiana.  She will take him on to his foster home in Ohio.

In the meantime, he was evaluated again by her vet.  He was wheezy (probably got that at the vet in Lufkin as I imagine the change to boarding was a bit stressful) and had an eyelid infection.  They feel he needs some additional blood work to check his kidney functions and a molar removed.  That can all be done when he gets to his foster home.

In the meantime, he has slept in a motel and helped his temp mom work by laying at her feet.  She knows pointers very well and adores Sport.

I’m glad I could be a small part of him making it out.  I missed a chance with a puppy y’all had last year named Hank and he ended up getting sick after being there a couple of months.  I never forgave myself for not pursuing a rescue harder for him and actually making the drive to meet him.

Here are pictures of Sport.  Some of these you may already have seen.


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