Day11.. Today I Will … Be my spouse’s best friend.


Today I will be my spouses best friend… ❤ Luckily I am BLESSED to have a best friend for a husband…. He is so much fun and trustworthy when it comes to my own life, my own problems.. we share everything.. Life hadn’t always been like that for me..  I didn’t wait for my God designated husband.. and divorced.. but this time..I waited patiently for God to give me my John…

There are so many things that could help you be your spouses best friend…effort is the first thing that comes to mind.. it takes lots of effort on both spouse’s parts.  Remember why you fell in love.. what did you used to do before the kids, jobs, and crazy life… ? Focus on the Family always has great ideas to help get started on doing that.. Maybe you and your spouse have just drifted apart… busy hectic life’s.. well it’s time to get to know each other again.. Here are some links to give you some starter ideas…

Kindling the Friendship in your marriage link below:{355EBAFA-CF9E-46FE-81E9-783D81F88C88}

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