Day 12 Today I Will pray for my child’s teacher, school and new friends




Today’s action is very important.. Praying for your child’s teacher, school and new friends is a vital part of their survival in this day and age.   We all know the power of prayer, why wouldn’t we want that power covering the teachers who will be teaching our children, the school that will be hiring those teachers, facilitating our children and the new friends that will come in and out of our children’s lives?  Start today.. as you visit the school for meet the teacher.. PRAY.  when you buy those school supplies PRAY.  As they get those new school clothes ready and backpacks all packed up .. PRAY .  You remember school as a child?  Can you imagine it now?   PRAY!!!!!

The link below is about impacting kids and schools through prayer.  No matter the age of your child or children we should all praying for these issues.{0C45AFFA-FF4D-4F24-A44F-DD5542ABB512}


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