Day 17 Today I will… Create a homework environment environment for my kids.





With back to school being upon us, the homework battle begins again.  Your children’s home environment has a profound impact on their learning.  The most important work you do as a parents typically takes place within the walls of your home.  Not just moms, but dads also have an important role in developing their kids to be lifelong learners. Mothers are often the ones expected to help with homework and volunteer at school, but over and over studies show that a father’s encouragement and support — whether it’s reading aloud to his children, sharing a hobby, or showing genuine interest in the content that his kids are learning, not just the grades — can have a powerful impact on raising lifelong learners.

So today make sure we are creating a healthy home environment for our kids.  Even if you have realized lately that you have not been doing that.. Today is a great day to start.


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