Day 19 Today I will be patient


This picture says it all!!! We need to be patient even when we really think we have a right not to be… Just remember when we decide to loose it we end up looking like the problem or the crazy one… Just like this poor dog, if he looses his patience we all know what is going to happen.. it’s never a good thing.. Being patient with a child, a co worker or a spouse has to be a deliberate action.  With the craziness of the world these days patient people are few and far between.. Waiting in line at the pharmacy, at the bank or the grocery store are places that our patience are tested.  Just yesterday my husband had an incident at his pharmacy.  He was sooo frustrated and then had to remember that he might be the only Jesus this cashier sees.  A lot of times dealing with our very own flesh and blood, kids, spouse and family members can be the ultimate test of patience.  Just remember when you are out and having to be patient.  you might be the only Jesus they see…. .


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