Day 21.. Today I will… Open my heart towards people



How many of us close our hearts to keep ourselves from being hurt?  Or.. Because someone doesn’t accept something we do for them in the way we thought they should and then close our heart to them and or that certain thing?  Scripture always helps me!! When I realized that the scripture that tells us to do everything we do as if we are doing it for the Lord meant EVERYTHING… and i started acting it out in my life… it helped my heart not get so hurt.. and I could open it up more.  When our kids turn into the teenage aliens and they do all those selfish, ungrateful things we have to keep loving them, and sometimes with tough love.  We can’t do and say things from anger.  That never works out good for anyone.

This goes for spouse’s, children, co workers, family… We have to develop an attitude of kindness toward others that doesn’t depend on who is right, but on lowering our defenses and handling each other with care.  Tired of arguing about the same old stuff?  Do you long for mended fences?   Be diligent in pray for the person, the situation and be the bigger person to show the love of Jesus.


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