Day 22 Today I Will… give my child a blessing before school





You put sunblock on them before they go out in the sun.  You make them dress according to the weather.  You make them wear a life jacket in the water.  You wouldn’t let them walk into a busy street.. So why do you not pray with them before school?  If you are not a person who can pray out loud, at least take the time to stop and pray silently, let them  know what you are doing.  As for us parents of teenagers who come and go on their own it is more difficult to catch them for this.  That is why it is ever so important to pray for them each morning.  Being a teenager is so much harder these days that ever before.  I pray for my daughters (and son in laws)  each night and each morning.  My oldest is married and out of the house but she still has her struggles that I send up prayers for her on.  My youngest is a senior in high school.  Think about the endless possibilities that there are to pray for these kids in school these days.  We can pray that the right friends come along and the wrong ones don’t.  OR if the wrong ones do come along that our kids are strong enough to keep their distance showing God’s Love.  We can pray over their, travel to and from school and or work, their teachers, facilty and certainly their future.   Some moms and youth pastors have even formed groups that meet just to pray for their kids.  The link below is about just that.{0C45AFFA-FF4D-4F24-A44F-DD5542ABB512}



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