Day 23 Today I will…. Help our kids learn to discern




When it comes to entertainment, discernment helps us sort through the media messages that bombard us every day and decide how they measure up to God’s standards. Help your teens learn about the influence of entertainment and how to make wise choices about music, movies and games.  I think one of the biggest tools that we can use in this battle with our children is to model the behavior that we wish our kids to be like.  Discernment is wisdom that helps us choose between right and wrong. We’re faced with decisions constantly. Wouldn’t it be cool to know you’re making the right ones? King Solomon thought so. In fact, he valued discernment so much that when God said he could have anything he wanted, Solomon asked fordiscernment instead of money or a long life (1 Kings 3). Of course, spiritual insight starts with an understanding of the Bible. It’s God’s Word that helps us know what to do day-to-day.


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