Day 26 Today I Will… renew a commitment



Commitment is part of everyday life, in our jobs, marriages, jobs, families, churches and it is a necessary part of the success of all that we do.  If we take a job but do not commit to do our actual job then we are not being a productive employee.  If we marry someone without knowing the extent of the depth of commitment takes, then our spouse and marriage could and can fall apart. If we have families and we don’t totally commit to their needs then they will feel unloved, lonely, unwanted, with many consequences to follow.  So as we can see commitment is a very important part of everything we do, and can have a domino effect on those around us.  I know for me that this is a lesson I wish I would have listened to my parents on.

We all know that commitment is part of God’s design for  marriage but how can you be the spouse  God called you to be when you just don’t feel like it?{DA5B0450-CE1C-4A52-8A37-5CDC95D03B24}

Have a fear of commitment??  this link is for you… 😉{FFF15EEC-5558-4861-891C-984DC40F432B}

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